Script Consultant

(selection of feature length films)


2016  Dem Himmel zu nah (documentary) by Annina Furrer

2015  Beyto (fiction) by Gitta Gsell

2014  Marrakech (fiction) by Nicollo Castelli

2013  Sitting Next To Zoe (fiction) by Ivana Lalovic

  • Fritz-Raff-Drehbuchpreis, Max-Ophüls-Filmfest 2014

2013  Die Schneise (fiction) by Mica Agustoni

2012  Monster (fiction) by Kerstin Polte

2011  Das Lied in mir (fiction) by Florian Cossen

  • German Film Award 2011

2010  Bis aufs Blut (fiction) by Oliver Kienle

  • Max-Ophüls-Preis 2010

2009  Champions (fiction) by Riccardo Signorell

2008  Kronos (fiction) by Olav Wehling

2006  Nimmermeer (fiction) by Toke C. Hebbeln

  • Student Academy Award 2007

2005  Sonjas Rückkehr (TV, 90’) by Dave Tucker

2005  Süssigkeiten (TV, 90’) by Nicola Schreiner

2004  Piff Paff Puff (TV, 90’) by Rudi Burkhalter

2004  Lilo und Fredi (TV, 90’) by Gitta Gsell and Josy Meier

2003  Meier Marylin (TV, 90’) by Eva Vitja and Petra Volpe

2003  Oeschenen (TV, 90’)  by Reto Caffi

2003  Alles wird gut (TV, 90’) by Thomas Hess

2002  Dilemma (TV, 90’) by Josy Meier

2002  La Diga (TV, 90’) by Fulvio Bernasconi and Christian Davi

2001  Nichts bereuen (fiction) by Benjamin Quabeck

2001  Lieber Brad (TV, 90’) by Güzin Kar

2001  Spital in Angst (TV, 90’) by Jürg Brändli

2001  Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit (TV, 90’) by Stefan Jäger

2001  Studers erster Fall (TV, 90’) by Sabine Boss

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